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your amazon account adress isn’t properly configurated if you are getting that error message, to solve “your current …” problem do as follows:


go to amazon.com -don’t worry this link opens in a new window- and select content and devices, from your account and lists dropdown

Look out for preferences in the newly displayed top menu, and select it

Then select country or region settings and then press the button change

Update your data region accordingly, for example if you plan to buy amazon kindled unlimited from amazon main site -amazon.com* make sure you provide an US adress and zip code within the country, same with Canada if you plan to buy it from -amazon.ca* or UK from amazon.co.uk*

kindle unlimited only works if your account adress is configured within the country of the amazon website you are visitng.

Solving Your current digital account setting does not allow you to subscribe for Kindle Unlimited on mobile devices

In your phone select the top left “hamburguer” menu, then in the new dropdown menu choose “account”

Next go to preferences

Then select country or region settings and finally on change

Update your adress to the region where you want to buy Kindle Unlimited from, and select update, Now you can create your Amazon Kindle Unlimited account on the amazon website of your choice, without problem:

Please choose where do you want to buy your amazon kindle unlimited:

That’s all, :), please leave a comment let us know if it worked for you.

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